Buff King is a drill brush that does an immaculate job in a fraction of the time. Easy to attach and simple to use. The design is sustainable and performs well with repeated use. Its unique design is light-weight, comfortable, minimizes vibrations and has strong bristles. It comes in 5 types of bristles: soft, medium, stiff, ultra-stiff and abrasive.



SOFT BRISTLES used for buffing delicate surfaces, including soft carpet/upholstery, soft leather, glass, auto headliner.

MEDIUM BRISTLES used for regular cleaning and scrubbing, including carpet/upholstery, tough leather, tires, fibreglass showers, siding, linoleum.

STIFF BRISTLES used for tougher surfaces including tiles and grout, rough-textured surfaces like concrete floors and also removes salt and mold from carpet/upholstery.

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Cleaning Door Panel

Salt Removal From Car Carpet

 Cleaning Dirty Black Floor Mats

 Shampooing Upholstery Seat

Note: – Recommended for use with battery operated cordless drills with power 18V and over.