Paint Protection and Restoration 

Removes majority of below surface paint defects except very deep defects. These have passed the clearcoat and are into the color coat.

3 stage process for paint correction
  1. After washing and claying, each panel is carefully compounded with a Dual action (DA) buffer/polisher which removes 70% to 90% of deeper defects. Process is repeated until satisfactory result is achieved.
  2.  Paint is then polished with a DA rotary buffer to maximize the gloss and shine. Polishing preps the paint for application of wax.
  3.  Before wax application, oily residue from compound and polish is removed by wiping to make perfect bond for the wax. Paint is waxed to seal the paint from elements. This added protection results in a noticeable shine too, the kind that you saw when you first bought the vehicle.

Combination of all 3 is used to ensure proper longevity and beauty of the vehicle.

Paint Protection And Restoration
Starting at $350 for Small cars | $400 for Mid-Size SUV's, Sedans | $450 SUV's, Trucks and Minivans
Includes all services from package Extensive Exterior Detailing
3 step Paint Protection
Tar removal
Bug removal

Time spent 

4 hrs for Small cars¦ 5 hrs for Mid-Size SUV’s, Sedans¦ 6 hrs for SUV’s, Trucks, Minivans.