The New Car Feeling

Don’t you wish that your car could look and feel like when you drove it out of the showroom? This complete auto detailing package will bring back that New Car Feeling!

The New Car Feeling package is a combination of our Comprehensive Interior Detailing and Extensive Exterior Detailing packages. We provide an in-depth interior detailing by removing salt, shampooing seats, carpets and mats, conditioning leather as well as cleaning and dressing vinyl. On the outside, your vehicle will be thoroughly washed, clayed, polished and waxed, which will make the paint healthy and vibrant

New Car Feeling
Starting at $235 for Small cars | $285 for Mid-Size SUV's, Sedans | $325 SUV's, Trucks and Minivans
Combination of

Time spent 

4 hrs for Small cars¦5 hrs  mins for Mid-Size SUV’s, Sedans¦ 6 hrs for SUV’s, Trucks, Minivans