Comprehensive Interior Detailing 

Recommended if the interior of the vehicle has salt or stains on upholstery. Also gets rid of bad odour, harmful bacteria and germs that have been accumulated on plastic/vinyl, upholstery or dashboards.

Entire interior of the car is vacuumed, followed by buffing and shampooing the carpets and seats which helps to remove dirt, stains and salt. Leather is also scrubbed and shampooed in order to remove dirt that is deeply ingrained. Plastics and vinyl trim are also properly degreased and dressed. Lastly, the glass from the interior is cleaned and vehicle is deodorized.

Comprehensive Interior Detailing
$105 for Cars | $125 for Mid-Size SUV's | $150 SUV's, Minivans and Trucks
Vacuuming whole car
Deep salt removal
Carpet & seat buffing & shampooing
Leather shampooing & conditioning
Cleaning & degreasing vinyl
Degreasing & washing door jambs
Dressing vinyl & plastic
Cleaning windows
Trunk shampooing

Time spent

 2 hrs for Small cars¦ 2 hrs & 30 mins for Mid-Size SUV’s, Sedans¦ 3 hrs for SUV’s, Trucks & Minivans.