Exterior Plus

Best results achieved if the vehicle does not have below surface defects like scratches, swirls, hazy surface, water spots, bird dropping etching etc. Washing the vehicle helps remove grime and loose the lightly embedded dirt particles from the surface of the vehicle. Followed by washing is professional application of wax, which protects paint and restores a clear and shiny finish.

Exterior Plus
$60 for Small cars | $70 for Mid-Size SUV's, Sedans | $80 SUV's, Trucks and Minivans
Hand-wash shampoo
Chamois dry
Window cleaning
Tire dressing
Rim cleaning and dressing
Dressing exterior trim

Time spent

1 hr for Small cars¦ 1 hr 15 mins for Mid-Size SUV’s, Sedans¦ 1 hr 30 mins for SUV’s, Trucks, Minivans

Car Waxing in Ottawa