Extensive Exterior Detailing

Recommended if the vehicle has some minor below surface defects like swirl marks from improper washing, acid rain, break-dust, etc.

Once the vehicle is thoroughly washed, the exterior of the car is decontaminated by clay barring. Claying helps keep the paint healthy and vibrant. It also removes above surface bonded contaminants like air pollution, tree sap, industrial fallout, acid rain, paint over-spray, etc. After claying, the vehicle is treated with a professional grade polish, applied with a dual action polisher, to give a sparkling look to your vehicle and remove small below surface paint defects. Lastly, it is protected with a thin layer of wax.

Extensive Exterior Detailing
$150 for Small cars | $190 for Mid-Size SUVs, Sedans | $240 SUV's, Trucks and Minivans
Includes services from package Exterior Plus
Break dust removal from entire car
Clay bar full car
One stage machine polish
Windshield protection/ repeliant

Time spent 

2 hrs for Small cars¦ 2 hrs & 30 mins for Mid-Size SUV’s, Sedans¦ 3 hrs for SUV’s, Trucks & Minivans

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