Paint Touch-up (Chip/Scratch Repair )

We also specialize in fixing scratches and repairing chips by touching up the paint. Now you can save significant amounts of money instead of re-painting the whole panel.

Since the volume and severity of scratches and chips can vary from vehicle to vehicle, it would be best to provide a price estimate after looking at the vehicle.


Assessing –  Sometimes problems can be fixed by wet sanding, but if the bare metal is exposed, touch-up is the only option.

Prepping – Loose edges around the chip/scratch and the chip/scratch itself are sanded to have proper adhesion so the touch-up stays permanently.

Application – Touch-up paint and clear coat are applied to the damaged area.

Leveling – Wet sanding(2500 grit) , compounding and polishing technique are used to level the chip/scratch with the rest of the paint to have the best result.

 The main purpose of touching up is to avoid premature corrosion and making it look better. 100% result can only be achieved only by repainting the panel.

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